Welcome to Moreland Solar City

The Moreland Solar City is based in the City of Moreland, inner northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Moreland Solar City has four key project streams:

  • Zero Carbon Moreland: a community engagement strategy to inspire and facilitate community wide response to climate change
  • Coburg Initiative: an exciting inner urban project that will see the major portion of central Coburg redeveloped to deliver outstanding new amenities.
  • Energy Hub: delivering 1,000 energy efficiency audits and retro fits for low income households
  • Moreland Energy Services: a local energy services company developing local sustainable energy generation

Aiming for a sustainable community, Moreland Solar City will:

  • find practical ways to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and businesses
  • assist those less able to change
  • produce the energy we need sustainably and
  • create new places to live and work that tread lightly on our planet.

Our Vision

The Moreland community is joining international efforts to reduce our impact on our climate. Moreland is building the foundations to reduce greenhouse pollution to zero net by 2030. Changing the way we use energy is a critical part of this plan. The Solar Cities initiative is a long-term project that will generate ideas and practical solutions on how to manage our energy better. Together we can create a new energy future.

About the Australian Government Solar Cities initiative

The Australian Government’s Solar Cities initiative is a visionary energy initiative bringing together industry, business, governments and communities to rethink the way they produce, use and save energy.

Solar Cities is looking for practical and creative future energy solutions through “real-world” trials in key urban locations across Australia. The information gathered through the Solar Cities program will assist:

  • householders to better manage their energy use, make cleaner, greener choices and save money;
  • industry including small businesses, to test sustainable energy options in a low-risk environment;
  • electricity companies to better understand the extent of cost savings in servicing peak energy demand periods; and
  • governments to develop future energy and greenhouse policy.

Solar Cities is exploring options for a new energy future because the way we use energy now will affect our climate in the years to come.

Wedge Heel Boots Are In Style This Year

Wedge Heel Boots Are In Style This Year

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Review of the Bucks Party Melbourne

Review of the Bucks Party Melbourne

Whenever people talk about the party capitals of the world, Melbourne is always on this exclusive list. Bucks Party Melbourne offers visitors the chance to sample the best venues with wild day and night time activities. These parties also offer customers the chance to drink, and relax while engaging in all forms of fantasy.Accommodation Facilities

Those attending the Lavish Life- Bucks Party Melbourne do not need to worry about where to rest after long hours of raucous fantasies. There are many lodging facilities available in the city, ranging from hotels, hostels and apartments. Many hotels and elegant apartments are situated near the venues, where clients can go hang out and recuperate after long hours of partying.

Packages Available at the Bucks Party Melbourne

Party-goers have a wide variety of packages to choose from. The Bucks Party Melbourne boat package available at Docklands costs approximately 185 Australian Dollars. Those aboard the boat are fully entertained by at least two topless hostesses. In addition, during the cruise, there is a three-song strip show. Food and drinks are also provided.

Bucks Party Melbourne also has a package costing 75 Australian Dollars. This gives patrons the chance to be driven around the city and be picked up dropped at the different gentlemen’s clubs all night long. The BYO Boat package offers clients the opportunity to hire their own vessels and sail around the bay. The boats, which anchor at St. Kilda, guarantee unmatchable racy amusement. This service costs a paltry 1550 Australian Dollars.

Bucks Party Melbourne drinks package is convenient for those throwing house or boat parties. At a fee of 60 Australian Dollars, limitless amounts of drinks are provided to them for a period of 4 hours, after which they buy their own beverages. Another bundle is the bucks package at Flanders Lane. This is a venue in Central Melbourne with show-girls and lots of entertainment. It comes at 1450 dollars.

Accountants Geelong Professionals and Publicly Owned Businesses

Accountants Geelong Professionals and Publicly Owned Businesses

Businesses that are publicly earned are going to have to makes sure that their financial information is reported accurately. Investors, suppliers and other entities are going to need the information that they have. This is where Next Level accountants Geelong professionals come in. They are able to accurately calculate all of the financial information needed in order to bring forth accurate information to the entities that need it. Accountants Geelong workers will require the use of information on every transaction. For this reason, it is good to keep record on all the transactions that are done in your business in order to make it easier on the accountants Geelong professional and everyone else.

When it comes to financial accounting, accountants Geelong experts look to past reports in order to determine financial information. For instance, if an accountants Geelong employee is reporting for 2009, he is going to rely on the earnings and transactions that the business has performed in 2008. This is a lot like doing taxes. The IRS requires people to report on their earnings for the previous year in order to figure out the taxes. When it comes to financial accounting, the full organization is reported on as a whole.